Best Heavy Metal bands

Are these the best heavy metal bands? best death metal bands? best black metal bands? best power metal bands? best thrash metal bands?

do you know of any better? Then why not get them on the wall of metal too!
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Here are the current heros of heavy metal history who have taken the leap to join the wall of metal.



Here is a list of the bands who received free metal promo for 3 years on the last wall of metal

Metal Blade records Obscene Extreme Skinless DragonForce Metal Hammer Exhumed Suffocation deranged Obituary Diamanthian Iron Maiden Manowar Judas Priest Kreator accept Slayer Opeth Relapse Records Slipknot metal-rules Motorhead corpsing artisianmetal beyondthedarkhorizon CAIPT Born in Blood Metal Storm absolution Harptallica Netherbird official website Metal Mayhem KicknScream scalera music sick boy inc damned Norse Metal Ruetheday Iluminum ebonmortis EndtimeIllusion COF Cremated theheroesofruinednations CASTIGATION Fall to Prey knighteternalband Salems Orchid slavesofgrace Download Live Misery Bloodstock Indie Bible metal Masters IVReich Rebirth Reign of Vengence Descend Rock Gods Survey Rock and metal Images of Eden. Amenofis nephilim Maple Cross Heavy Frequency Strictly Heavy Management marshallsfalling people die666 sons of nihilaus screams of winter myndkill Hard Radio Reel deathwork Briars Rose devanic aeturnus thylegion LEISHMANIASIS Pinebox Centuries cry uk Metal Ireland Guerilla Mind Society Aeons Confer Bezerker13 SYSTEM TORTURE Volatile requiem displacement chavis records Hovok feudal lord Loch Ness Krippalz Wiv Kancer Blood Hunt dream atlantic music Heaven Fall wyckedsynn rocklaw productions genocide trash elrazor   title asylum escape Never Ending Hate Minus Favour

Of course all bands are welcome to join the new improved wall of metal too!