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What is Black Metal?

In the beginning there was Venom. Then it exploded. In effect, this section is not as comprehensive as it should be. But one issue has to be addressed:
There is not one generally accepted definition of Black Metal. Clearly, Venom was the first Black Metal band - they coined the term - and they played a
(for its time) fast and raw form of Metal and sung about Satan & evil. Then came other bands who both played and sung about similar stuff, and everyone
agreed that they were Black Metal too. But what about bands who just "sing about Satan", or just play this kind of music? It may not agree with what
Venom says about what they intended long ago, but we here define a list of black metal bands as bands who do both.

From the beginning, when Norwegian Black Metal musicians made international news by burning churches and murdering each other, the genre has been known for extreme beliefs, and in fact Black Metal is the only genre with a definite ethos as part of its image. True, Death is usually about violence and/or evil, and Doom is usually about something depressing, but Black Metal is expressly about evil and hatred, never anything else. There are variations, and some bands are more satanic than others, but the basic attitude is part of the genre, inseparable. As a genre, the scene is sometime preoccupied with the concepts of "True" and "Cult" status (usually spelled "tr00" and "kvlt.") To the uninitiated, these ideas may be puzzling, so an attempt to define these follows. The quality of "tr00"-ness is an elusive one, essentially defined as a band's dedication to the scene and the precepts of Black Metal. Bands that claim tr00 status are almost always found on the "Raw" side of the fence, and an avowed worship of Black metal originators such as Mayhem and Burzum is usual. A criminal record helps, especially if the crime is related to opposition of society or Christianity. A band that burns churches and assaults Christians is bidding for tr00 credit. (The story goes that Mayhem used to keep dead ravens in plastic bags, so they could always be surrounded by the smell of decay.) At its base the quest for tr00-ness is a desire to maintain artistic integrity, as part of the mystique of Black Metal has been from the beginning a disdain for commercial success and the trappings of the music industry, which brings us to the related concept of "kvlt". A band that is kvlt is essentially one that is not well-known. Popularity and success are regarded with suspicion by Black Metal scenesters, and a band that becomes too well-known and sells too many records is regarded as a sellout. This has led to the habit of underground bands releasing their recordings in limited numbers to prevent too many people from obtaining them. This seemingly counterproductive action is an attempt to remain kvlt. The success of many of the more "Melodic" bands, such as Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth, has led to deep antipathies within the scene between their fans and those who espouse "tr00 kvlt Black Metal".

The look of Black Metal gets a lot of attention, and originally it was a move to make the scene more frightening to outsiders. Black Metallers wore leather and bulletbelts, spikes and knives and skulls everywhere, and they painted their faces to resemble corpses. it has become virtually mandatory, however, and few bands have discarded it. Nicknames are also a standard trapping.

Black Metal remains a vital and expanding genre that has proven especially fertile ground for cross-genre experimentation. Many bands have taken the Black Metal base and forged progressive, experimental sounds with it by mixing in everything from Folk music to Industrial sounds. And for every band that moves out of the raw style into new territory, seven more spring up to carry on the sounds of the original scene. Love it or hate it, Black Metal isn't going anywhere.